About WHISTLE Charity Ireland

Allow me to begin by introducing myself. My name is Caroline Cullen. I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 2 and ‘big sister’ to 10 brothers and sisters.

I am going to tell you a bit about what I do and what I have done over the past 10 years and how it all came about.

Firstly I will tell you how it all came about. Read More

Worthy Cause

Help WHISTLE Ireland to achieve our goal and make a difference in someones life today. For us, We believe the 'little things' count.

WHISTLE Charity builds on the 'little things' that make a 'big difference'. Read More

What Can You Do

We like to take people out of their comfort zone and get them outdoors.
Next year We have Killimanjaro in July and Everest in October...
Coming in February we have the Gala Valentines Ball on Feb 10th. Read More


WHISTLE Charity is run and operated on a fully volunteer basis. 100% of monies raised go to assist the children we are working to help. Would you like to donate to this wonderful charity?


Learn about WHISTLE charity, What we are about, Our goals and aims and how you can help WHISTLE to help people every day.


Passionately committed, We Help Improve Special & Troubled Lives Everyday.

Chair woman: Caroline Cullen

I am hugely proud of WHISTLE as are all my family. I am forever grateful for their continued support. I love what I do with and for these children. I love that the simpliest of things I do can bring bring so much happiness with the biggest broadest smiles.

Vice Chair Woman: Maria Farrell

I first became interested in charity work when I trekked for Barretstown to Vietnam in 2006. This was where I met Caroline and we continued our friendship by going on other treks together and finally helping to build an orphanage in Lesotho.

Events organiser: Ann Traynor

I love to organise so I just love to volunteer any time that I have to help organise events for this wonderful charity WHISTLE. I make the necessary calls, book the venue and help organise entertainment. I always feel very proud when an event goes well. WHISTLE events are always great, they are the best nights.


Help Us To Help Others

WHISTLE has in the past had fundraisers Up the mountains, Doing Hell and Back, Hell and Back Junior for the kids ,Dublin City Marathon, Ladies Mini Marathon, Skydives, Come and Join The Fun!


To Donate or get involved, Please send us a message.